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March 1, 2015

What is a Bridal Session?

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What is a bridal session?

The first question asked by potential brides after sending my pricing is “What is a bridal session?”  Today I’m going to talk about what exactly a bridal session is and the benefits of having one.

A bridal session is a common tradition in the south where the bride gets dressed up in her wedding day attire 6-8 weeks before the big day to be photographed. This includes the wedding dress, veil, bouquet and a trial run of the wedding day hair and make up.


There are so many benefits so let’s just jump right in.

  1. Sunflower Field, Wedding Photographer, Kenosha Wedding Photography, Bridal Session, Milwaukee Wedding Photography, Milwaukee Wedding Photographer, Kenosha Wedding Photographer, KenoshaThe bride gets a practice run of her wedding day look. Maybe the dress is a tad too long or the bouquet doesn’t hold up well in extreme weather conditions (we have a lot of that in the north)! This gives the bride enough time to make adjustments and ensure all the little kinks get ironed out before the big day.
  2. Let’s be honest, getting pictures taken is awkward. What’s more awkward is getting pictures taken while the whole bridal party watches. The bridal session is another opportunity for the photographer and bride to work together. The bride can get more comfortable with posing in front of the camera in a relaxed low-key environment with many less spectators.
  3. This allows for more creative shots that can’t be captured on the wedding day due to limited locations and time constraints. Sometimes brides want pictures at a certain park or location, but the logistics of the wedding day doesn’t lend itself for creative portraits an hour away from the ceremony location. Not a problem! The bridal session gives the bride an opportunity to get beautiful portraits of herself at her parents home where she grew up, or the park where she spent all of her time studying while in college. This also relieves the pressure of jam packing the wedding day timeline with multiple locations for image variety which leads me to the next benefit.
  4. Since bridal sessions typically have different scenery (sometimes different seasons!) than the locations captured on the wedding day, it gives the bride and groom more diversity for wall art and images for their wedding album. More variety means more options to choose from for your first family heirlooms whether it be a canvas, album, or gallery framed print.

There are many more benefits of bridal sessions than what I listed here, if you are still uncertain whether or not this type of session is something you would be interested in, I would love to grab coffee with you and discuss it further!

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