Nicole Henry is a Kenosha high school senior photographer who documents modern portraits that reflects the senior’s personality and style. Our goal is to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera so we can capture your personality and beauty authentically. Due to the amount of effort, time and creativity that we invest into each high school senior to guarantee a wonderful and unique experience, we limit our calendar to a maximum of 24 senior portrait commissions per year. Want to learn more? Just send us a message!


When I was a little girl I always day dreamed of being a bridal gown designer. I would sketch dresses and clothing on any blank piece of paper laying around. Countless hours were dedicated to this imaginary career in fashion. This is what drew me to photographing high school seniors and continues to inspire me.

Many moons later, I became a photojournalist for my high school newspaper. This was the catalyst that kindled my passion for photography. However, after high school I went on to work towards two degrees in the information technology field. Eventually I found my first IT job at Abbott. About two years later, my husband and I learned that we were expecting our first son. I decided to turn my passion into a business so I could stay at home with my son. 

Kenosha High School Senior Photographer


  • Restaurants: Chick-Fil-A, Culvers, Panera, Portillos
  • Stores: Banana Republic, White House Black Market, Ann Taylor, Charming Charlie
  • TV shows: Walking Dead, Limitless, Blacklist, Grim
  • Movies: Any Harry Potter movie, Inception, Great Gatsby, pretty much any cheesy chick flick
  • Starbucks drink: Iced Chai or Chai Latte (no water with whip and cinnamon on top)
  • Drink: sweet tea (I secretly belong in the South!)