March 26, 2015

Getting Ready Dos and Don’ts

Tips & Tricks

I wanted to go over some DOs and DONTs of the getting ready portion of the wedding day. While these are merely recommendations and not requirements, these will ensure your wedding photographer captures the best getting ready pictures possible.


Wedding Photography, Classic, Sophisticated, Getting ReadyDo hire a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding day.

Traveling to and from a salon on your wedding day takes up precious time and can push your timeline back. There are many different factors that can cause this. The hair stylist is unable to achieve the hairstyle you like. The seasoned stylist you had an appointment with called in sick. Surprise you get an intern who takes triple the time to style your hair than it should.  Hair appointments are running long and yours gets pushed back. You get caught in traffic. The list can go on and on. Having a hair stylist/makeup artist come to you saves time, stress and takes a lot of unknown variables out of the equation. If you can’t afford a professional, have a friend or relative who know a thing or two about hair and makeup to help.

Don’t wear the wrinkly t-shirt  that is stained from the pizza you ate the night before.

I have arrived to hotel rooms where brides are getting ready, and they are wearing their pajamas from the night before or those shirts that spell out bride in little sticky rhinestones. There is nothing wrong with pajamas or rhinestone shirts but if you want elegant, timeless getting ready pictures I recommend ditching those cliche shirts. Instead opt for a beautiful satin or lace robe, or a simple chemise. You can find some here from BHLDN that are understated yet sophisticated. These will be sure to enhance your beauty and not detract from it. If you aren’t able to afford a robe, hotels usually have complimentary cotton robes.

Do get ready in a room with lots of natural light pouring in through the windows.

While photographers are trained in dealing with horrendous light situations, we also want to display our clients in the best possible light (no pun intended). Natural light will always be the most flattering source of light. When deciding where you want to get ready, evaluate the room to see if it has large windows allowing natural light to shine in.

Wedding Photography, Classic, Sophisticated, Getting ReadyDon’t feel like you need a large ornate hotel room to get beautiful getting ready pictures.

In the previous DO, I explained the importance of natural light. In the next DO I explain the importance of a tidy room. As long as you have a clean room with lots of natural light, we can capture some stunning getting ready photos. You do not need the largest, fanciest hotel room to get beautiful pictures.

Do designate a bridesmaid or relative to keep the room tidy.

When there are any number of women getting ready in a room together, it is guaranteed that there will be multiple makeup bags, curling irons, hair products, snacks/beverages, dirty clothing, shoes, dresses and garment bags laying around. Because the photographer(s) are usually on a time crunch to photograph the bride getting ready, the groom getting ready  and the details (dress, rings, shoes, jewelry, veil, etc.), they do not have time to clean. As skilled as photographers are in Photoshop, removing every bit of clutter from 100 getting ready photos is not feasible. Designating someone to help keep the room tidy will give you nice pictures of the subject with no distractions in the background.




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